The Board


Renier Combrinck (Chairperson): Is the founder of the the Young Adult Development Academy. He found that individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, were just sitting at home unable to find work. As a lot of them dropped out of school at various stages in their life. He founded YADA to solve this and solve the problem of unemployment in his community.

Renier feels that if you give someone a skill to perfect and give them the right motivation and tools. That they will be able to go further in life and not just wait for the next hand out to come. Renier has big plans for this NPC that selects students for the first course which will be over two years.

Aniqah Desai (Marketing Coordinator): Having spent a few years in the media industry and helping to make sure that the news was always available to you.

Aniqah keeps the Marketing and Social Media aspect of the NPC running smoothly.

She also assists with the students. Aniqah is always the smiling face you see at the events and social gatherings, making sure that you are happy and to answer any questions that you may have about YADA


Lizelle Coombs (Secretary/ Planner): Lizelle Coombs is a Social Anthropologist who started Angels Resource Centres ten years ago after investigating how different cultures conducted business and realising that South Africans face some extraordinary hurdles in entrepreneurship. She explained that it's easy to just start your own business if you have all the resources at your finger tips.

Lizelle as part of Angels supports many national corporate Enterprise Development professionals as they can be sculpted to a company's specific needs. Whether it's in finance, technology, handcrafts, or construction.

Sabine Wedderburn (Treasurer): Sabine has experience in Electrical engineering (LC), programming, power stations, and the Food and Beverage industry. She has also been teaching and lecturing for the last 17 years.


Sabine will always go the extra mile to try and make a difference in people's lives. With YADA she will use her experience and knowledge of teaching to help the unemployed youth to see their potential and growth. With her caring nature she will always make sure that each person under her wing will never go unnoticed.