The Curriculum

Building a future with inspired and skilled young adults, over a two year program

Introduction to Construction Industry Compliance:

-Health and Safety

-Regulations and By Laws

-First Aid


Personal Development Training Modules 1-4:

-Module 1: Emotional Intelligence

-Module 2: Self Management

-Module 3: Social Awareness

-Module 4: Relationship Management

Computer Literacy Training and practical:

-Introduction to Computers

Financial Literacy Training:

-Basic Financial Literacy including knowledge relating to SARS,     BIBC, UIF and basic pension plans and unions

Business Skills Training:

-Marketing, Business Finance Basics, Entrepreneurship, Co-operatives and Funding

Environmental Awareness Program Modules 1-4:

-Module 1: Impact Studies

-Module 2: Waste Storage and Disposal

-Module 3: Noise Pollution

-Module 4: Compliances

Life Skills Program: Motivational talks from peers (once every two months):

-Pay it forward: Community Involvement

-Social Experiences: Formal dining out and Theatre visits

-English Language Basics

-Math Literacy

-Drivers license

Project Management in the Construction Industry Modules 1-6 including on-site practicals and TVET Skills Link Courses:

-Module 1: Project Management

-Module 2: Plan Reading

-Module 3: Quantity Surveying

-Module 4: Budget

-Module 5: Time Management

-Module 6: Site Management


Pictured: The students being taught by Lynn Hurry in how to be tactical when it comes to Eco waste Management.