About Us

Young Adult Development Academy, also known as YADA, is a Non Profit Company (NPC) that was founded by Renier Combrinck in 2017. YADA is based in the construction industry and built on the experience of Renier’s own construction company, RDI.

Renier noticed that it was really difficult to find skilled artisans in South Africa even though there is such a large group of unemployed youth. Construction seems to be a very positive path out of unemployment, so he decided to start his own training programme to help youth build their skills and get into the working world. Renier found that short courses are not effective, and that to make a real impact, students needed real practical experience.

Over the years, YADA has been met with enthusiastic interest from the community and it’s been growing from strength to strength.

This programme starts with teaching life skills and how to operate in the business world, including computer skills, marketing, client liaison, and more. Students are also exposed to the physical building process and learn the discipline required of them in the construction industry. They will be assessed during this first year and then guided to their area of interest, in the second year. Students graduate as an artisan in their field, are placed into a job, and/or create their own businesses, where we can provide a reference and support system for them.

Unskilled young people and school-leavers between the ages of 18 and 35 are chosen to be involved in the programme. Many come from dysfunctional family situations where parents are absent, deceased, or too busy trying to survive, that they do not get a chance to teach their kids how to be a part of society and the business world - So structure, support and discipline is extremely impactful to each student.


Key criteria for being part of the YADA programme is commitment, literacy, discipline, and the ability to work as a team. We also help students enhance their discipline and become their support system.